Yousician - mini review of application for learning ukulele and other instruments

Yousician is application from Finland for learning ukulele, guitar, bass guitar or piano playing.

There are versions available for Windows on PC or Android and iOs (smathphones, tables). There was also version for Linux, unfortunately recently they stopped supporting it. For using the app you have to register on their pages. Basic free variant works with daily lesson time limited to about 15mins. The app does not work without Internet connectivity. It can be used with tyhe same account on more devices.

For the learning the app prepares a daily lesson, which usually includes some songs from last time, a new exercise and then some songs, sometimes also instructional video. Then you can also find songs for practice in database, with difficulty marked. The ukulele lessons are about both chords and melody and are structured into several difficulty levels, which unlock as you handle the previous level.

The learning itself works as follows for ukulele: the app shows you a moving tablature with numbers of frets you have to play, also with colors indicating which fingers to use. At the same time it listens using microphone and detects tones or chords you play. For some exercises it stops until you play correctly, or for songs it doesn't stop but shows what you played correctly using green color, also shows if it was played early / ok / late. You can slow tempo down, or it can adjusted automatically according to number of mistakes. You can also select just part of the song and repeat it. The display can be switched to sheet notation instead of tablature. (To get idea how that looks in reality, just enter "yousician" on youtube).

If you pay for one of the premium options, the app will not limit your daily lesson time to about 15min. You can select one or all insttruments for the premium, monthly (more costly) or year subscription. But I suggest first trying the basic free option thoroughly, for ukulele the lessons and songs amount is not so huge (in comparison to guitar or piano). You can also try premium for free for one week, but beware - if you not cancel it, it automatically starts and charges from you card the yearly subscription after the week.

The tone recognition has sometimes problem with G string, if you are using low G. Supported is only standard GCEA tuning. If your uku has a pickup (electro-acoustic or electric uku), it seems better to connect it directly instead of using microphone, the app then recognizes tones better and does not hear itself.

There is a discussion forum on the app pages for solving problems, but it doesn't look like the app developers pay attention to it.

Generally the app is not bad, but I would recommend it more like supplement, not replacement of lessons with human teacher.

Chords: With a Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles

Song With a little help from my friends from (in my opinon the best one) album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from Beatles. here are easy  chords from C, with the original can be played with capo on 4th fret. Or here are chords from E  for the original

Instrumental version ( (Klaus Schindler):

And original: