About ukulele

Few words about ukulele

Ukulele is small 4 strings strumming instrument. The main advantage is that you can use it as firewood for a stove :-)


Page about ukulele on: Wikipedia and on Necyklopedii

Ukulele sizes

Usual ukulele sizes are:

- soprano: the smallest, about 12 frets, instrument length about 53cm

- concert: about 15 frets, length about 58cm

- tenor: about 15 or more frets, length about 66cm

- baritone: about 19 frets, length about 76cm (warning - it uses different tuning, sounds lower, the same as 4 thinner strings on guitar)

For beginners the good starting size is soprano or concert. It is best to try the instrument in you hands, how does it feel and how you like it. Instruments that are usable for playing price start at about 1000Kč. Don't buy cheap miserable ukulele, that will just discourage you, while good instrument brings joy !



Good strings can improve the sound quite a lot. Verified to be good are Italian Aquila Nylgut (New Nylgut, Super Nylgut).

Don't try to put metal strings on usual ukulele, those have higher tension and can damage the instrument (those are used usually only on electric ukulele which is made for them).

Ukulele brands

There is already many ukulele makers, here are some tips:

  • Kala and cheaper variant Makala (the same producer) - not a bad choice for sure
  • Lanikai - good price/quality ratio
  • Slovenian Flight is quite good
  • Ohana - very good too
  • Romanian Hora – asi nejlevnější slušné ukulele co není „made in China“, je to pravděpodobně to samé co prodává něměcký thomann.de sells under their name
  • Ashton - nothing exceptional, especially the cheaper models

2 thoughts on “O ukulele”

  1. Dobrý den,

    jak se liší akordy pro 4 strunné ukulele a 6 ti strunné?


    1. Akordy jsou úplně stejné, protože u šesti-strunného ukulele jsou jen dvě struny zdvojené (dvě struny těsně vedle sebe místo jedné, co mají stejný tón, obvykle o oktávu vedle).

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